Do you remember when you were in Sunday School class, and the stories of the Bible were so exciting? You thought the story of “David and Goliath” was so awesome. You thought that you wanted to be just as brave as Esther. But as time goes on, and you here these stories again and again, they lose their impact on you. Maybe as the preacher preaches you start to toon him out. You just don’t feel the same power that you used to when you were a kid. Maybe you don’t care, and that scares you. Everyone has been there at some point. In all honesty, it’s very difficult to get out of the “numbness” you may be feeling. Sometimes everything is just a routine for you, and you feel as though you would rather be without it.

I believe music is one of the greatest gifts that Christians have. I have always been obsessed with music since ever since I could remember. Most of the time when people like a song, it’s because of the melody. It’s hard to focus on lyrics when the melody is so beautiful. Sometimes I don’t even realize what the lyrics are talking about! Usually churches or pastors have favorite songs that they like to sing often. Now you might be thinking, “What does this have to do with being numb during the preaching and teaching of God’s Word?” Well, music is a tool that the Holy Spirit uses to speak to people. In order to become blessed by the power of the Bible again, you have to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you again. So when you feel no effect of the Christian music in hymn book or the binder, try to really focus on the words. Make an effort to actually study the lyrics. Make sure you know exactly what you’re singing before you sing it. Try to find some good, Christian music that you’ve never heard before, and dwell on the message. Music is a great start to begin you’re journey back to the full blessing of being a Christian.

Change things up a bit! When you’re actively involved in different ministries, it makes you feel good to help other people. If you’re burned out on a certain ministry, don’t quit all together, but find something else that is completely new to you. It’s okay to say no sometimes if you need a break, so that people can get the best out of you. If you have a ministry that you would like to start or get involved in, talk to your pastor or pastor’s wife! Helping other people really makes you think about your own personal life. It’s a good reminder of how blessed you’ve been and of how much God has given you. Getting involved in different kinds of exciting ministries is a good tool for people to be moved by the Holy Spirt again. When you try to help other people, they might end up helping you more. Not only do they help you remember the blessings you’ve been given, but they also help you remember the example that you need to set. I have heard a few times in my life, “You may be the best Christian that someone knows.”

Find people that bring out the best in you! We can be easily surrounded with people that just care about the “here and now,” and don’t have their eyes on the goals that Christians should have. We can also be surrounded by people who are trying to follow God, just like us. Unfortunately, it it so much easier to follow the “here and now” crowd. Maybe your fellow girls at school or work mostly gossip or talk about sexual things. It’s so hard to be the “odd girl” that walks away from the conversation or puts it to an end. If we don’t walk away or end it, though, we become used to it and unbothered by it. Therefore, we start to become “numb” to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. It is possible to find people that care about you and your best interest. I found a few people that I know I can go to, to talk about anything that might be bothering me. They give me the courage to stand up for the right thing. Because I have these friends that I can trust with my inner conflicts, I can listen to the Holy Spirt better. Godly friends are rare gems. Once you’ve got them, never let them go!

These are just a few things that help me to become excited again about the Christian life. Remember, as Christian girls, we need fellowship to help us walk this life. If you feel “numb,” you are not alone! We can allow the Lord to speak to us again.